Artist on Fire

Welcome to the Endless Journey

Cynthia is a self taught Canadian artist best known for her large sized explosions of colourful abstracts as well as her original close up studies of the life around her, whether it be animals, people, or plants.

 After facing cancer for a second time she chose to slow down  and take a breath and look at life more intently. She purchased a canvas , paints and a few  brushes. A new spark was ignited and she began  to create like an artist on fire as part of  her healing process

 She enjoys the freedom of abstract creations, painted with vibrant acrylic colours and a loose, energetic feeling. Music is always a part of the creative process and Cynthia can be found dancing in her studio as paint explodes onto the canvas or wood.

Each painting brings emotion and vibrancy to a room.

Cynthia has led creative workshops in her studio where she entices others to be present, let go of expectations and let the creativity flow.

Her creations have been donated to Peterborough Hospice and auctioned at fundraiser events, all proceeds going towards Hospice care. As well, fundraisers for Zimbabwe's Howard Hospital, multicultural events and musical events have all benefited from her donations of art.

Her work has been featured in local businesses and professional offices as well as solo and group shows and art competitions.



"I am spending  my energy painting as part of my healing journey . Painting allows me to giggle, to contemplate and to meet new creative challenges each day. I paint for me as it excites me and feeds me at a very deep level. I love my life and  love watching people respond to my work."